A Whole New World.....

It sounds silly, but if you remember the song in Aladdin when they are flying on the magic carpet singing "A Whole New World" you might understand what I am thinking. I am humbled by the great new opportunities that I am now learning to enjoy that have come my way now that I am an author. For years, I have come up with stories and adventures with my classes( I was a second grade teacher for about 20 years). Now I am putting them down on paper. It is a very liberating experience.  After you write and then read the stories that you have is just amazing!!!The times that I truly become aware that my path is now changed forever as an author is when I read my stories to family and friends.They cry....They say how proud they are of me and they can't believe all of those ideas have come from me.  When they say that, I go back and read the story again and I peel back the layers and I see myself in that story. I ask myself the question of what part of my life goes with what story and my mind suddenly knows why I write. I write to share what I am about and therapy for what I have been through. For those of you that are thinking about becoming a writer, your purpose might be different than mine ,but, may this create a "Whole New World" for you!!!!

I can't wait to see the new chapter that writing brings to my life!!