As we all remember the glory days of the 2009 Gold Rush in the e-book world; it was just too easy to make money. It was what we were all looking for during the Great Recession. When things got churning there were freelance designers, formatters, and startups potting out of everywhere. There was so much going on and it was great to learn that there was some hope for authors wanting to write for a living. It was a marvelous time. Now Amazon has come out with some new tweaks here and there and there have been some things that has had authors' royalties diminish to some degree. But, that hasn't stopped the money from rolling in or stop authors from producing. 

I am who some would classify as a Podcast junkie. I am always fishing around for new content and things that I can do to be a better business person, a better writer, and a better informant. So I came across this young lady from outside the United States and has a phenomenal blog on how to help Indie publishers, authors, and just about anything in the industry. There are some things that money just can't buy and I found all of this stuff for free. Once I learned who her friends were; it literally revitalized me and opened me up to a brand new world.

Her name is EM CRAVEN!She is the blogger on E-Book Revolution right along with the podcast. It was here I found the phenomenal website PRESSBOOKS. It was very user friendly and they use the Wordpress interface. This will save the author tons of money in the long run. Why? Because there will not be a need to outsource or find professionals to create the interior of your books. What really blew me away was that there is no need to format your books for Kindle, Nook, Wordpress, iBooks, etc. No adjustment needed! The cost for an ebook is only $20! That is insane when you think about author production and expanded business. 5 books could literally cost the author the price of one under the old model. I would highly recommend that any author out there that is looking to save some serious cash; this is where you need to be! Be on the lookout for some more tips and tricks that I have just learned!




For Author Struggling With Production Dollars!

I can remember when I began writing and I couldn't hardly get anything published because I wasn't generating enough income to get my genius out there. It was hard and sometimes discouraging. There were times where I just wanted to give up and not do anything at all anymore. The crash in 2008, which bought on a whole new multitude of problems out there. I was a young father trying my best to raise a family in every way legally; there was no way in the world that I was going to anything wrong after doing the right thing for so long.

Most people don't know that there is a lot that goes into getting a book produced. What goes into this is the interior layout, the cover design, cover design rework, barcodes, and even distribution fees, and retail fees. Believe me, since arriving in the digital age the cost used to be only for print books that could easily go into the thousands when we speak of independent publishing. Not the easiest things to pay for with someone right out of school or working in the burger joint just to get by on their bills. The reality is that everyone needs help. And from listening to my podcasts I have found a bridge!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to learn for the sake of obtaining knowledge whether it be useful or not. But, I was listening to a podcast at work (I know, sweet job, right?) called E-Book Revolution. This podcast was phenomenal! Not only were writers struggling, but there was also a plethora of artists (and darn good ones as well). I was listening to a production artist for ebook trailers and he mentioned FIVERR.COM. If you haven't heard of it, I would behoove anyone in the industry to go over and try it out. Most services are created for only $5 and of course the tax. I found everything from graphic designers to ghost writers. Just so that I don't bore you anymore just rush over to the site and see for yourself!!


He who writes the most wins.....

Every author in the world wishes that they could just make a living just writing. The reality is that most authors aren't writers. Yes there is a very distinct difference. The author is someone who has published a book and is satisfied. An author could have published a book just for the simple fact that they are trying to promote their own business venture or a partner in business for whatever reason. To have a book published in any field will qualify someone as an expert. No matter what they did prior to writing the project. That could be a big deal to someone outside of the publishing industry. But, for us who really know what it means to write there is no such thing as a break or leisure time. Writing is an ongoing process and with the competition out there it is fierce. But, any Mortified writer loves the fact that the challenge seems so immense. There is no reason other than writing that we live for. All Mortified authors know that there is no way that they would sign a contract without embracing the struggle of an uphill battle. That's where the real writer comes into play. 

The real writer will write day and night and not think nothing about where the next dollar is coming from, because the payoff is coming once we are discovered. Ahmad Williams just got done a project doing an anthology on successful self published authors and Kollin Taylor is releasing 3 new books that are due out this February. Not only that, all authors have come out with new pen names and have submitted numerous articles to internet sites and freelancing opportunities. 

I have said since the beginning of this journey we have always said that the author that writes with a committed goal in mind will eventually make it to the top. But what happens, when we reach the top? Reaching the top in the publishing world is not the final stop. The never ending challenge is to stay on top. Ahmad Williams has been number one in many sub categories for the last couple of yers, but look at the rankings on Amazon now. They are constantly flutuating. So with that possibility, what was his next move? He created several pen names in different genres and found more fans that were willing to take a chance on him. In other words. Insurance has been created and the witing life for retirement is no longer a dream, but a reality. The reality may come faster than he thinks. He does other things besides writing, but it has paid some serious dividends and invites all over the world with his thriller novels. 

Think of it like being an actor. If Denzel Washington only played in one genre of movies, he would have a very small following. But his range is so long that whenever the public hears his name there is no problem seeing his films becoming best sellers at the box office. And we're not even talking about Netflix and the films once they hit DVD. It the same thing with the books. There are so many readers out there that to keep writing is the only option There is someone out there that is waiting for you to just deliver your craft to the world with a serious passion. Embrace the process and the pit falls. They just make your story that much better, because when everyone else turns their backs. You believed in you! How great is that? There is no other feeling in the world like it. The more literature that a writer is able to produce the higher the probablility that someone might notice them in a virtual bookstore somewhere. 

Not to mention that today's book digital world keeps books on sale for life...and life is a long time. A will is much needed; because chances are....your projects will outlast you. Now that is something worth passing on! Write and don't ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. 



Getting back to the subject of writer's block; which I am slowly starting to deem as an excuse for not being prepared to put your talent to work efficiently. I recently had a conversation with an artist who took a look at my unreleased catalog and thought it was one of the most elaborate pieces that have come out as of late.

He asked, "Where do come up with these plots and situations?" I simply sat back and turned on the television with the remote control. There are many things out there that we can twist and turn into out own original stories if we are creative enough. Think about it. How different are the crime mini series that we watch on television. Not that different at all. The concepts are pretty much the same. First, the crime is established with a dynamic and arresting opening. Then, the clues are gathered by some unorthodox detective, and finally the suspect ends up being someone that was really close to the victim and investigation all along. Simple logistics that can be filled with your sense of imagination and comedic scenes all into it. 

Other things that I have done in order to find concepts for some books have been movie dates. That's right. Dating. Since I'm married I date my wife quite often. The Spring season we have been fortunate enough to experience some great movies in the theaters. I'm not a big science fiction or fantasy buff, but Star Trek and Now You See Me can stir some creative juices. 

Always think about who you are writing to. Think about the details that would intrigue your audience. Also, what would it take in order for the m to buy your book again. Don't pay attention to all of the reviews, but you would like to pay attention to the most common of the reviews. If there are fifteen reviews and seven of them say that there is a good story but would prefer for it to be longer; then there should be something taken into that. For instance, you may want to add some more detail to those potential fans that are out there.

But, seriously to erase writer's block; it isn't such a bad thing to take some time away from your project and look at what successful writers do. How are their plots constructed? How are their characters developed? Is every detail revealed about them at the beginning or fleshed out throughout the story? Do your characters have any type of medial condition that could impact the story? If you are in need of a great example of character development. I would highly recommend "Breaking Bad" on Netflix. The way those characters grow and the story development is impeccable. 

Well, I have a few more projects to delve into along with some public speaking engagements so please be on the lookout for Motified Books to come out!



A lot of new authors find think that they are supposed to sell a million books out of the gate and that they should be making a living from the first day that the book hits the market. However, that is not true at all. The best practice is to continuously write. I am a real big fan of music and there is no music artist that I have ever discovered that didn't have at least five years of work in before they were "discovered". 

On our Facebook page we get a lot of new inquiries and tweets for people to "read my book", "like my page", etc. News Flash: It's called write a good story and keep writing! All of those promotional tools are not worth it. If you have a blog, that should be suffice. Before the internet writers had business cards or bookmarks(which I find a little more redundant in the 21st century). However, if you have a website there is nothing more eye catching than a well displayed blog. 

To even think about being a writer has some pretty ambitious implications that go along with the decision. In other words, you may not want to be a writer if you were the type to groan over a ten page paper that wasn't due until the end of the semester. 

One lesson that could be learned from American Idol is that the artists that "didn't have the range" were eliminated in the early rounds.

What do we mean by range? Range is not how long you can write your books, it's more about the different genres that a writer is talented enough to engage in. Just because you are a writer who wrote their first book in non-fiction, doesn't mean that they can't take those writings and turn them into fiction stories that would have a realistic feel to them. It could also work the other way around. Write fiction and develop some non-fiction similarities. Has anyone ever heard of Forrest Gump? They easily make the most phenomenal stories that could be duplicated as classics over and over again. In this great world of sel publishing opportunity it doesn't make any sense not to explore different genres. It's not about writing what you only know about; it's also about writing what you are interested in. Your interests are the curiosity that drives the clarity that you and your readers will unanimously pursue together!

So this Memorial Day, don't be shy...Create a catchy pen name and get your name out into those other genres and get what this new era of publishing has to offer!