Victor's Artwork


Our children's book illustrator, Victor Ramon Mojica has graced us with his services, which will be offered via Mortifed Books. He is very excited to be working with Mortified authors, and the terms of service are as follows:

  • TERMS:
    • All prices are based on Reproduction Size and not on the size of the original artwork, which will be proportionally larger. Originals and Rights to artwork remain with the artist, and must be negotiated separately before their release.
  • 8 X 10:
    • Black & White = $75.00
    • Color = $125.00


NOTE: Prices will vary with Reproduction Size.

    • 25% due at beginning of project.
    • 50% due after completion of initial sketches.
    • 25% due upon completion of project.


NOTE: Try to be as specific as possible with regard to all inquiries so that you may receive an accurate quote.