At Mortified Books, our authors get to keep a whopping 85% of the royalties received from book sales. Why do we do this? Because, as the author of the work in question, you deserve the lion's share of the pie. After all, you created the product that we will package and present to the world.


Have you written a book and subsequently suffered the pangs of receiving a slew of rejection letters from literary agents or the big publishing companies during the query process? You're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of writers like you are rejected on a daily basis, and not always because of the book in question. Oftentimes, a literary agent's slush pile becomes so huge, they simply cannot read all of the material that is sent to them.

Thankfully, we are the solution! 

Whether you are a seasoned author looking for an affordable way to publish, or a new author trying to get your name out there, we offer premium publishing services that authors running on shoestring budgets can afford. Our services include:

  • Editing
  • Copyright
  • ISBN Numbers
  • Library of Congress Control numbers
  • Astounding Cover Design
  • Industry Standard Interior Layout
  • Title and Book Setup
  • Distribution (Short Run, Long Run, Print-on-Demand, & eBook)
  • Professional Consultation 

. . . and a host of other services. 

Our goal is quality and efficiency!

And be assured that a live person will walk you through the publishing process each step of the way, giving you undivided attention via telephone conferences and limitless emails.

In the end, your book will be distributed via Baker & Taylor and Ingram Book Company, the largest wholesaler in the United States, and will land on the pages of the following retailers: 

This will ensure that your book is seen by millions of potential customers! And if you decide to opt for eBook distribution, additional retailers will list your title.

So contact us today in order to begin your journey to fulfilling your dream! At Mortified Books, you will publish your book for a fraction of the cost subsidy presses are charging unsuspecting clients, and reap 85% of the profits while you're at it!